At the Rhino Pride Foundation Sanctuary we also look after a number of rhino orphans who mostly have lost their mothers due to poaching.


Rhino calves are very specific in what they can drink and how they should be raised but if the basic rules are followed they are very robust little creatures. Rhinos are very similar to horses and as such do the best on an equine replacer milk.


Other than this milk, the two most important things in the hand-rearing of a calf are a companion and anti-ulcer treatment.


The companion should preferably be another rhino or rhinos for socialisation purposes.


The preventative ulcer treatment is essential as rhino calves very easily die of bleeding ulcers caused by the severe stress of losing their mothers. Equine milk and ulcer medication are both very expensive.


If you would like to support or adopt a rhino orphan, please Contact Us or see Get Involved.

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