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Fundraising events play a crucial role in making so many goals possible for the Foundation. Such events are meant to give back to charitable organisations but is also meant to educate, inform and spread the word. It should also always be some fun with good food and good company. Hopefully soon we will host another event at our new rhino sanctuary and wildlife hospital!


Black Tie Ball

Tjusterby House - Erland & Kathy Ebbersten

Helsinki, Finland

22 July 2017

Erland and Kathy Ebbersten open the summer manor to friends and family. This is definitely a highlight to our summer tour in Europe for raising funds and awareness for the plight of the rhinos and other endangered species.  

Cocktail Evening

The Cavalry and Guards Club, 127 Piccadilly, London UK

14 June 2017

Club Talk & Presentation by Dr Jana Pretorius.

Conservation Talk: "Inspire to Save"

Presented by Dr Jana Pretorius

Twycross Zoo, Atherstone UK

12 June 2017

Jana speaks in support of conservation activities, telling stories of the rhinos that she has worked with and the threats that they face in their natural habitat.


Bloodline Africa Auction

11 June 2016

  • A beautiful Rhino sculpture was donated by Arend Eloff to be auctioned at the Bloodline Africa Auction

  • Bloodline Africa gave RPF the first lot at the auction and with an introduction from Shannon Elizabeth a winning bid of R260,000 was raised from Hannes Pretorius (Buffalo Creek Game Breeders)!

  • The funds raised will be used towards further securing the perimeter.

Thank you Arend Eloff, Bloodline Africa and Hannes Pretorius (Buffalo Creek Game Breeders)!

RPF Logo Sponsorship

One Zone Polo Team

Val de Vie, Cape Town, SA

5 March 2016

RPF officially sponsored by One Zone Polo Team and Kathy & Erland Ebbersten. 

Thank you Kathy and Erland!

Poached Rhino Foundation: Wild in Africa Rhino Ball

27 February 2016

Roca, Franschhoek, SA

  • Featuring a talk by Dr Jana Pretorius about RPF and their fundraising efforts to further secure the RPF rhino sanctuary. 

  • The Poached Rhino Foundation chose RPF as an event beneficiary, with R509,000 donated to RPF security fencing.

Thank you Poached Rhino Foundation!

Red Rhino Day - Rhino Pride Foundation Charity Lunch & Auction

RPF Rhino Sanctuary, Limpopo Province, SA

7 November 201​5

  • Almost 200 people attended and had the opportunity to meet some of our younger rhinos.

  • Water, energy drinks and wine were sponsored by Please Products, Wheatfield Wines, Du Toitskloof Wines and Nigel Becket rhino water bottles.

  • The proceeds of the day were used to contribute to the security of the RPF Rhino Sanctuary.

Thank you to everyone that participated!

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