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- The new RPF Rhino Sanctuary -
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After obtaining support from a new sponsor, Rhino Pride Foundation bought a new property and developed it into a state of the art secure sanctuary for rhinos. We built a purpose built rhino and wildlife hospital and can look after any injured rhino or orphaned rhino calf.


The aim is to have this facility as a base treatment and rehabilitation facility from where we will, once possible and safe, send rhinos to free-range secure sanctuaries. As the poaching problem is so severe at the moment, one unfortunately can not just release rhinos into the "wild". Having ultra-high security measures is extremely expensive and can not easily be afforded by most rhino owners. We therefore provide such a safe haven to rhinos from different owners in need of protection.

- The first RPF Rhino Sanctuary -
Rhino cow and calf

The first Rhino Pride Foundation sanctuary in Limpopo comprised of large rhino holding camps, with veterinary services provided for the welfare of the animals as required. Dr. Jana Pretorius provided her services as a specialist wildlife veterinarian as well as run the sanctuary. 

Due to the tremendous increase in rhino poaching, the property became a de facto 'sanctuary' for rhinos injured through poaching, as well as a safe place for private rhino owners to leave their rhinos (rather than leaving them to roam free and become targets). RPF cared for a large number of rhinos at any given time, increasing the security risk tremendously. After 2 poaching incidents at the property in 2015 resulting in the tragic loss of 3 rhinos, RPF launched to raise funds for securing the property effectively.


The first RPF Rhino Sanctuary was created with the view to develop larger rhino sanctuaries in the future as envisioned by the Foundation. Security measures urgently setup on the property included double fencing, thermal cameras able to pick up movement up to 300 metres away, a control room and 24/7 security patrols with dogs to keep poachers out.

- Filming of I AM RHINO Documentary -
Filming rhino

With the rhino poaching problem a key focus of various documentaries, we asked ourselves: 


“What do we really know about the rhino?”

Interviewing friends and colleagues, we realised that the general public knows very little about rhinos, aside from the fact that they are one of the most poached animals in the world.


We have developed a concept for a blue-chip documentary, I AM RHINO, to create global exposure of everything that is rhino – who they are, how they act, what they need and how they love - in the most beautiful way possible.


The documentary has an estimated budget of R2 million to ensure it is of high quality and can be screened globally with the aim to educate worldwide. Donations and investments are welcome.

- Creation of Large-Scale Rhino Sanctuaries/Protection Zones -
Black rhino

RPF envisions developing large-scale rhino sanctuaries that will be High Security Rhino Protection Zones, equipped with ultra-high-tech military-style layered security systems that will detect poachers or trespassers on foot or in the air before they enter a protection zone. The focus will be on keeping poachers out before they enter, vastly increasing our ability to protect the rhinos.


A possible location for a protection zone in South Africa has been identified. A minimum of a 100,000 hectares will be required to ensure a sustainable natural biodiversity that will support rhinos and other wildlife in a free-ranging natural environment. The area can also possibly be enlarged to 300,000 hectares if required.


This is a hugely significant endeavour, and a business case is being developed to consider all the sub-components required to develop Phase 1 (100,000 hectares). Preliminary costing points to $65 million required and large-scale investors/donations will be required.


Other possible partnerships for creating protection zones in America, Australia and beyond are in the process of being explored.

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