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To save the world’s rhinos from extinction by creating sustainable protected areas that will enable future generations to experience these amazing creatures.

For rhinos.


We are a passionate and proud team, establishing meaningful partnerships, both locally and globally, to develop sustainable solutions for aiding, rescuing and protecting rhinos and other endangered species.


Core Values

  • Working honestly and transparently in all initiatives.

  • Inspiring and educating  future generations to be our wildlife conservationists and champions.

  • Treating all living creatures with integrity and respect.


Established in South Africa in 2015, the Rhino Pride Foundation was founded by specialist wildlife veterinarian Dr Jana Pretorius, who saw an urgent need to tackle the devastating rhino poaching crisis head-on.


Realising that most anti-poaching solutions focused only on the aftermath of poaching, Dr Pretorius established the Foundation to establish immediate, practical, ground-level preventative measures that would protect rhinos from poachers effectively and reliably.


The Rhino Pride Foundation works to create layered security sanctuaries with ultra-secure perimeters. Utilising technology to track and stop poachers, the sanctuaries feature high-tech early warning systems with buffer zones. These enable reaction teams to locate and apprehend poachers before they can gain access to the reserves.


As well as saving wildlife, this tech-based approach minimises the human cost of anti-poaching efforts in a war where too many lives are lost.


Dr Jana Pretorius (BVSc, MMedVet (Wildlife), Grad.Dipl. Forensic Sc.)

Founding Trustee and Specialist Wildlife Veterinarian

Jana is a specialist wildlife veterinarian with more than 15 years’ experience in the wildlife industry. Jana has worked across Southern Africa in private, provincial and national game reserves and parks. She has been involved in the capture and relocation of numerous wildlife species,including the relocating of black and white rhinos across the world. ​


Jana has volunteered with many non-governmental organisations, including the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) and the Silent Heroes Foundation, where she is an Advisory Board Member. Jana was invited to the Rhino Issues Dialogues commissioned by the Minister of Environmental Affairs and attended The National Rhino Summit as a representative of the South African Veterinary Council as councillor. She received her Graduate Diploma in Forensic Science from the University of Canberra, Australia in 2013.


She was also involved with a United Nations Environmental Program project on the rhino crisis, working to improve forensic services in wildlife crimes, intelligence sharing and anti-poaching initiatives. It was working on this R20 million project that led Jana to realise too much focus was on the aftermath of poaching and found the Rhino Pride Foundation in 2015.

HRH Prince Constantin de Nassau

HRH Prince Constantin de Nassau (MA Sustainable Development)

Conservation Ambassador


Constantin’s lifelong fascination with conservation began at an early age. He was educated that the greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it, this ingrained conviction ended up shaping his future.


Constantin received top honours from the University of St Andrews in Sustainable Development and Management. Following his studies, he went on to work for Solar Impulse – the first Solar Airplane to fly around the world purely on Solar Energy co-founded by Pioneers Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg. As International Relations Manager for Solar Impulse, this experience reinforced his certitude towards the importance of aligning economic and political leaders towards innovating for sustainability. 


Today, Constantin heads the implementation of a French IT company called Spallian in Sub-Saharan Africa, still with the conviction that innovative technologies can indeed make the biggest impact with the less equipped communities of our world.


It was during his travels to South Africa that he had the pleasure of meeting with the Rhino Pride Foundation team.  Both shocked by the alarming situation of the rhino’s population in Sub-Saharan Africa as well as impressed by the commitment of Founder, Dr Jana Pretorius, Constantin made the commitment to support the vital cause of the foundation. As an Ambassador to the Rhino Pride Foundation, Constantin will ensure that the foundations message is voiced worldwide, by mobilizing the masses and gathering support from Europe to help in protecting the World’s rhino population. 

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